Here are some links to videos, articles and organisations that have inspired us:

The Wondering School

The Wondering School is an independent non profit research project. “School Circles’ is an inspiring film showing 5 democratic schools in action.
Theses schools use ‘socicocracy’ to make decisions instead of the traditional model of democracy. The full film can be found here.

Carol Black
We love these thought-provoking, beautifully written essays about learning.
Carol Black, A Thousand Rivers

Ken Robinson.

All his work is worth a look, books, TED talks etc.
A very accessible animation illustrating some of his ideas about education

A funny and engaging TED talk (the most viewed TED Talk ever). Sir Ken makes the case for personalised education, following your interests and finding your passion.

Alfie Kohn

Alfie Kohn, author of many books on parenting and education draws on social science research studies to illustrate the downsides of rewards, punishment and competition.

Disobedient Thinking

Learning Maths & Reading

Marshall Rosenburg

Marshall Rosenberg is the founder of Non Violent Communication.

We are inspired by the tool box NVC can provide for helping us connect with ourselves and also with others.

Dominic Barter

Dominic Barter developed ‘Restorative circles’ in the slums of Rio to facilitate communication and address conflict between warring gangs.
We are in the process of integrating a version of this process into The Lighthouse

John Holt

John Holt, educator, prolific author and father of unschooling, explains his conclusions and his vision.